Let’s talk birthday parties; I say you are never too old to have or throw your own birthday party! I am in my mid-twenties and still enjoy mine. You only get one a year; you might as well enjoy it! Here are a few of my birthday party themes.


Roaring 20’s

Roaring 20's

I created cigar sleeves by printing out some tags and punching them with a large circle punch. The boys really enjoyed them as they played a game of poker. A little research led me to some common slang terms of the 1920’s for people to use. Roaring 20’s music was playing in the background, and for that evening it really felt like we all were transported back in time, enjoying a swanky affair!


Magical Masquerade


I hired a magician for the evening and he did a short performance in my home, this was after we had a few cocktails. Yes, it was a little cheesy, but it was also fun. I made cupcakes with candles, so everyone could be involved in the birthday wish tradition.


Cowboys VS Indians

Cowboys VS Indians

This was a great night! When you pick a theme that guys are excited about, it always helps. What guy doesn’t want to dress up as a cowboy and play with toy guns? I set up a photo area along with props where people could capture fun memories. Once again, cupcakes with birthday candles were provided for the guests. Pre-made cocktails were set out so all people had to do was add ice and the mixer. Big Gingers are my go-to drink.

Big Ginger

-a shot or two of whiskey (I prefer honey whiskey)

-lime wedge

-lemon wedge


-ginger ale

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