oh shit kit

I am hosting my sister’s baby shower tomorrow and I’m packing up all the décor and my “Oh Shit Kit”. Whenever you are putting on an event, shower, or party, pack an “Oh Shit Kit”! I cannot emphasize how important this is! You never know what you will run into, so be prepared!


1) Tape! A few different kinds of tape are best: clear tape, double stick, masking, packing, duct tape; bring it all.

2) Ribbon! I always pack the extra ribbon I didn’t use and curly ribbon. I also bring fishing wire.

3) Scissors! And more than one pair. People always steal mine.

4) Binder Clips and Paper Clips. This one might seem strange, but I find them helpful if the venue has the tile ceilings for hanging décor with some help from fishing wire.

5) Glue Gun! For those quick fixes.

6) Sharpies! Must have sharpies!

fashion $teals

I am all about finding the deals and steals when it comes to shopping. Don’t get me wrong, when I am in the market for a nice staple that will be a part of my wardrobe for a good length of time, I’ll spend the extra money. However, most of the time I am shopping for new, fun, trendy pieces to mix and match with what I have.

These are my top 4 guaranteed deal stops:

1) TJ Maxx

2) Burlington Coat Factory

3) JC Penny

4) Citi Trends

These are places I can for sure find a good sale, clearance rack, or just great prices to begin with. Below is my latest shopping trip from Citi Trends. I got two adorable summer tops, two pairs of sunglasses, two sunglass cases, sandals, and cross earrings all for under $50!



a room all to myself

Being young and married with no children gives you the luxury to do more things for yourself. My husband and I own a fixer-upper home with plenty of space. When our shared closet was overflowing with my shopping trip goodies, my husband, to say the least, was irritated. He suggested that I take the small room across from our bedroom and turn it into a dressing room. He didn’t have to tell me twice! I got started right away, painting the walls taupe. The walls in this room, along with the ceiling are tin. Our house is over 100 years old and we still have the original tin roof! Many of our ceilings on the main floor are tin. I love older homes; they have so much character, but they also come with a big to-do list.

dressing room2

This door mirror is one of my favorite pieces in my home. I painted an old white door black, and then roughed up the edges so the white peeked through. I finished it up by brushing it all over with a gold, attaching a full-length mirror, and gold letters found at my local Hobby Lobby.


I wanted a boutique look in my dressing room, like my own personal shop in my home. I put a small table in the middle to display some accessories and purchased rolling racks for all my cloths and put them up against the walls.

newest purchases

I took an old window and converted it into a display for my newest purchases. I got three different funky knobs from Hobby Lobby and attached them at the top.


This I love! I found deer antlers at an antique mall and spray painted them gold, attached them to my wall, and voilà! They are now a super cute accessories display!



Summertime Gladness

Summer Outfit!

It’s that time of year! Spring quickly turns into summer and lends perfect weather for short little bike rides! This is my go-to bike ride outfit: Sperry’s, a cute, comfy top, jean shorts, and of course a great pair of sunglasses. I am in love with my classic Ray-bans, a birthday gift from the hubs. This shirt is super comfy and fun: I found it on an Etsy shop. Get yo-self outside and enjoy the weather with a perfect active-summer outfit!

you’re never too old

Let’s talk birthday parties; I say you are never too old to have or throw your own birthday party! I am in my mid-twenties and still enjoy mine. You only get one a year; you might as well enjoy it! Here are a few of my birthday party themes.


Roaring 20’s

Roaring 20's

I created cigar sleeves by printing out some tags and punching them with a large circle punch. The boys really enjoyed them as they played a game of poker. A little research led me to some common slang terms of the 1920’s for people to use. Roaring 20’s music was playing in the background, and for that evening it really felt like we all were transported back in time, enjoying a swanky affair!


Magical Masquerade


I hired a magician for the evening and he did a short performance in my home, this was after we had a few cocktails. Yes, it was a little cheesy, but it was also fun. I made cupcakes with candles, so everyone could be involved in the birthday wish tradition.


Cowboys VS Indians

Cowboys VS Indians

This was a great night! When you pick a theme that guys are excited about, it always helps. What guy doesn’t want to dress up as a cowboy and play with toy guns? I set up a photo area along with props where people could capture fun memories. Once again, cupcakes with birthday candles were provided for the guests. Pre-made cocktails were set out so all people had to do was add ice and the mixer. Big Gingers are my go-to drink.

Big Ginger

-a shot or two of whiskey (I prefer honey whiskey)

-lime wedge

-lemon wedge


-ginger ale

beauty bag

These are some of my favorite products I use every day, they are staples in my beauty bag!

beauty bag-april

1. Revlon Colorstay in 310 Warm Golden (Walgreens): My skin is slightly oily, and even more so in the summer. This is a great full coverage foundation that really stays put! I’ve prefer to use a full coverage foundation to help even out my skin tone. Another great thing about this product is the price!

2. Buxom Blush in Euphoria (Sephora): I LOVE this blush! I love that it has a matte finish; I don’t care for shimmer in my blush. The color is gorgeous; a great hue for people with warm skin tones.

3. Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl (Target): This is where I like a little shimmer: my highlighter. I use this under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose to the middle of my forehead.

4. Hoola Benefit bronzer (Sephora): Once again loving this because there is no shimmer; it has a beautiful matte finish. I use this to contour my cheekbones, blending it up to my temples.

5. Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara (Sephora): Can we just take a minute to talk about this brush! I was a skeptic at first, but after a few tries I was hooked! Thank you Ipsy for introducing this fabulous product to my makeup routine!

DIY a thrift shop find

One day while I was perusing through an aisle at the local Salvation Army, I spotted these two ceramics sculpted into Native Americans. I really had no use for them, but their naked ceramic skin was yelling at me “Please give us some life!” I grabbed them off the shelf and took them home.


I love gold. A lot of my projects and home décor incorporate gold. It just looks rich. So, by default, I spray painted them gold. Then, I got some black paint and mixed in a little bit of water, just so it could flow and drip just right.

diy2 copy

Voilà! I now have two beautiful, unique, and a little eerie book ends. A super simple project that adds a little luxe to your life!