$20 Wardrobe Makeover

DIY Red Wardrobe Makeover copy

In preparation for launching my online boutique and Etsy shop, I’ve been working on an office/studio space in my home. I knew I needed some good storage space, but I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted. I took a trip down to The Habitat ReStore and found this amazing wardrobe/cabinet for $20! With a little TLC, I knew this would make the perfect piece.

The only thing new I purchased for this DIY project was the chrome knobs that I found on clearance at Target!

chrome knobs from Target

I removed the stapled in material and replaced it with a mirror that I cut down from a full length mirror I already had. After hours of stripping, sanding, and washing down with TSP, not all of the red paint came off. I decided to leave it and stain over it. I actually loved how the hints of red paint popped through the Red Mahogany stain. Sometimes projects don’t turn out exactly how you image, they turn out better!

Red Mahogany Stain

wordrobe finished

♥ miss marlene

Clueless Party! #angelais26

“I never rely on mirrors,#angelais26 photostrip

so I always take Polaroids.”


 When my hubby purchased the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 for my birthday gift, I thought “I am meant to have a Clueless themed party!“. I set up a fun photo area and purchased plenty of film so everyone could snap away.

Photo backdrop














I created these custom badges so everyone could protect their pics when taking them home.











#angelais26 lanyards

I also set up a party favor table with fluffy pens (a Clueless staple), party hats, and camera film!

party favorsDSC_0022

It was a fun night and a great way to celebrate my 26th birthday!


♥ miss marlene

Pinspired: DIY chair

I found this amazing photograph titled “Trying Too Hard” by Brian Vu on Pinterest. I love everything about this photo. I thought, how cool would that print be on material!?! So now, I give you another DIY project.

Brian Vu

DIY chair supply list copy

1) I found an outline of a hand I liked online and printed it out on a piece of card stock paper.

2) Cut out the hand.

3) Trace the hand on the thick craft foam.

4) Cut out the hand.

5) Glue the craft foam hand onto the wooden plaque. (I got my wooden plaque for under $3 in the craft wood section at Hobby Lobby.)

6) Let it dry.

7) Place the paint on your new stamp. (I used a sponge.)

8) Stamp away!

Make your own DIY stamp for home decor projects!

I used my new home decor material to recover a wooden chair I purchased at the Salvation Army for under $6! This will be a great piece that will go in our new home office. I can’t wait to reveal the room to you all when it’s finished!

♥ miss marlene

Thankful Tuesdays (Part Four): Tis the Season!

I am finishing up my first mini-series, Thankful Tuesdays, with my favorite thing about fall: the holiday season! Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays! They are filled with family, food, and gifts! There is something truly magical about the look, feel, and smell of this time of year. I took a trip to the Festival of Trees with my sisters and mother to see mom’s flower arrangement she created for the event.


Glitter and Glisten, this year’s theme!


My big sister, Leeann, and her sweet baby girl, Eliana.


My nephew, Asher, excited about the Captain America stocking!


My mother’s centerpiece floral arrangement. Check out more of her designs: Art & Silk Floral Decor.

vintage ornament

How cute is the vintage ornament she used!?!

neon christmas

I really loved this neon centerpiece by Periwinkles Interior Design.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy, a full tummy, and Black Friday Shopping!

♥ miss marlene




Thankful Tuesdays (Part Two): All the hats!!!

I’m back with my second Thankful Tuesday and it’s all about hats! Fall is the perfect time to break out hats of all kinds. Here are a few of my favorites…

All the hats

Storing hats used to be problematic until I picked up vintage hat boxes at antique malls and flea markets. I painted a white Styrofoam head that I got from Hobby Lobby and had a little photo session with her. I created tags to label the boxes, so now I know exactly which hats live where!

Hat boxes

Hat boxes with tags

♥ miss marlene