When Alex and I moved in our home, years ago, we signed up for a big, DIY to-do list. We didn’t know the first thing about home repairs and remodeling, but over the years we’ve learned a lot—and made a lot of mistakes along the way.

Here is a photo of what the living room looked like when we moved in.


And here are two photos of my first attempts to redecorate. I really liked the yellow at the time, but looking back—it was not my best idea.

27050_1406356036979_6462455_n 397078_2964069818850_1280211256_n

Now, I am love with my “new” living room! I went with crisp white walls and a black matte ceiling. We removed the carpet to tackle the hardwood floor underneath—that was a headache of a project. The previous homeowner decided to GLUE the carpet directly to the hardwood!

living room

The coffee table and cowhide rug are hands-down my two favorite purchases for this room. The cowhide I found on Amazon and the table I found at Recycled Records. The two of them together create layers of natural patterns and textures, which I love.

living room table

living room light♥ miss marlene

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