tassel earrings- 72dpi

Hey all! It has been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’m back and today I’m sharing a quick DIY post for sassy tassel earrings! Some tassel earrings can be super heavy, but these are light enough to rock all day.

tassel earrings- supplies 72dpi 2

I found pink and gold string tassels at Target in the Valentine’s Day dollar section when you first walk in. You can find similar tassels at craft stores or make your own. I also picked up some clearance earrings from Target for this look.

step 1- trim strings 72dpi

All I needed to do was trim down the top loops to two strings (left). Then I wrapped the two strings around the post of the earring twice and put them in. This fashion DIY is super easy and inexpensive, but creates loads of drama!

step 2- wrap around earing post 72dpi

♥ miss marlene