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Thankful Tuesdays (Part Four): Tis the Season!

I am finishing up my first mini-series, Thankful Tuesdays, with my favorite thing about fall: the holiday season! Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays! They are filled with family, food, and gifts! There is something truly magical about the look, feel, and smell of this time of year. I took a trip to the Festival of Trees with my sisters and mother to see mom’s flower arrangement she created for the event.


Glitter and Glisten, this year’s theme!


My big sister, Leeann, and her sweet baby girl, Eliana.


My nephew, Asher, excited about the Captain America stocking!


My mother’s centerpiece floral arrangement. Check out more of her designs: Art & Silk Floral Decor.

vintage ornament

How cute is the vintage ornament she used!?!

neon christmas

I really loved this neon centerpiece by Periwinkles Interior Design.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy, a full tummy, and Black Friday Shopping!

♥ miss marlene




Why have a Christmas List?

Whether you want to admit it or not…the holiday shopping season is among us! I was in Target last week and I found the most adorable gifts for me niece and nephew and they were on sale!  I purchased them and thought “Oh my! I need to start getting Christmas list together!”

These are my top 3 reasons to create a

Christmas List and stick with it:

1. Overspending. If you don’t map out who you are buying for and how much you are spending on them, you can easily overspend.

2. Overbuying. This goes hand in hand with overspending. I like to spend the same amount on my sisters and brother in-laws. By creating an equal spending limit you will resist the temptation to pick up gifts here and there and running the risk of accidentally gifting more to one person over another.

3. When you are done, you are DONE! I start some of my Christmas shopping in October. That gives me almost three full months to forget what I bought. Admit it, you do it too! Keeping track of your gift inventory will help you not forget anyone and prevent overbuying.

Enjoy this free printable to help make your holiday shopping a little easier!

FREE PRINTABLE: My Christmas List

My Christmas List

♥ miss marlene


FREE printable: bite me tags

Happy October! I am kicking off this fabulous fall month with a FREE printable!

FREE halloween tags

Use these fun little tags in different ways…

1. Favors at a Halloween party!

2. Attach them to Halloween candies for Trick-or-Treaters!

3. Attach them to a little Halloween treat for friends, family, or coworkers!

4. SHOW ME how you use them! Shoot me an email at

halloween favors & gifts

For these festive favors, I picked up one clear jar with a cork top in the dollar bin at Target and filled it with candy corn. The other one is a brown craft box from Hobby Lobby. I painted the lid red and the box black. I added a little water to the red and dripped it down each box side.

vampire teeth

I added chrome colored vampire teeth to my candy corn jar. Just pick up a package of inexpensive vampire teeth and coat each side with a metallic finish spray paint for extra spook!

♥ miss marlene

FREE- Halloween Bite Me Tags (PDF)

Bite Me- JPEG sheet

♥ miss marlene