Personal style is more than following "fashion rules"!

We have all heard of “fashion rules”. For example: “don’t wear white after labor day”- yeah…that’s a lie. Have you seen someone in all white during winter…gorgeous! There are tons of articles and blog posts about finding “personal style”. You are not going to achieve your personal style goals by following old school “fashion rules.”

1. DON’T mix silver and gold jewelry. This is a terrible lie that has been passed down from generation to generation. Silver and gold jewelry actually look really cool together.

silver and gold

photo via VivaLuxury

2. DON’T mix black and brown. To me, black, brown, grey, and navy blue are all neutrals! Mix away ladies, mix away!

black and brown

photo via Glam Radar

3. DON’T mix prints. Print mixing can add so much depth and texture to a look. If you are new to this, I suggest starting with baby steps: try a fun floral skirt with a thinly-striped top. Having one of the patterns on a much smaller scale than the other will help you feel one print is not competing with the other. Try this a few times and maybe you start feeling comfortable enough to try one of these looks below.

pattern mixing

photo via Alisa Burke

4. DO match your colors. This outfit below is the perfect example of being matchy-matchy. I’m all for looking cohesive, but there is a point where you just need to STOP! Good for you, you can pick out the same shade of blue and repeat it 6 times in one outfit. This look is cookie cutter and just plain boring.

matchy matchy

photo via Polyvore

5. DON’T over-accessorize. Um…excuse me? Accessories are amazing and if I want to pile them on, I’ll do it, and make it look good 🙂 Here I’m rocking a furry vest, gold chain necklace, pearl sunnies, faux leather pants, golden yellow booties, and purple clip-ins.


photo via Kaitlin Powell

6. DON’T be trendy. I call BS on this! I get it, trends come and go, but if people are loving it right now, there must be something about it that’s cool! After all, fashion just gets recycled and someone puts a new twist on it. If you want to be rocker chic one day, preppy the other, and a glam-o-saurus next week—do it! If you like something and wear it with confidence, no one can ever say you don’t have personal style.

fashionphoto via Tumbler

♥ miss marlene

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