DIY Red Wardrobe Makeover copy

In preparation for launching my online boutique and Etsy shop, I’ve been working on an office/studio space in my home. I knew I needed some good storage space, but I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted. I took a trip down to The Habitat ReStore and found this amazing wardrobe/cabinet for $20! With a little TLC, I knew this would make the perfect piece.

The only thing new I purchased for this DIY project was the chrome knobs that I found on clearance at Target!

chrome knobs from Target

I removed the stapled in material and replaced it with a mirror that I cut down from a full length mirror I already had. After hours of stripping, sanding, and washing down with TSP, not all of the red paint came off. I decided to leave it and stain over it. I actually loved how the hints of red paint popped through the Red Mahogany stain. Sometimes projects don’t turn out exactly how you image, they turn out better!

Red Mahogany Stain

wordrobe finished

♥ miss marlene

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